Made My Monday

Went to bed last night feeling fine. Woke up this morning with a full fledged cold. Sneezing incessantly and constantly runny nose – the works.

I refused to believe it would last and went to work anyway. By lunchtime the cold had gotten the better of me and I was back on the train home, pockets bulging with tissues.

The best part of my day was relaxing into recovery mode with my kitty, fuzzy slippers and Downton Abbey. What made your Monday?



Just a Trim

I’m terrible about scheduling haircuts. I know I’m supposed to cut it every 10 to 12 weeks but it’s hard to justify when all I’m getting is a trim. Instead I usually end up waiting until the last possible moment — when its covered in split ends and styling is so frustrating that I just give up.

It’s in that time of utter hair desperation that the salons hear from me. I’ll call around until I find a place that will take me the same day and usually book the first appointment available.

Yesterday was one of those days. Peter and I went together for last minute haircuts and came out looking like healthy normal people again.

I’d been considering chopping a lot of my hair off and doing a long bob. Wasn’t ready for it this time around though so I just went for a good trim (a few inches) and general reshaping.


When we left the salon, the sun was shining — always a good sign.

Autumnal Equinox

Happy Autumn! Welcome to my favorite season.


The yoga instructor that I’ve been practicing with lately always encourages us to set an intention for the class and to dedicate our practice that day to someone or something. While this sounds very lofty, I can assure you my intention and dedication end up being far from it. I usually intend not to have any rests during the class (no matter how many times she has us do down dog!) and my class is usually dedicated to whoever is annoying me the most that day.

Even though I’m not saving the world with my yoga practice (is anyone?), there’s something very nice about starting and ending it clarity and purpose. So, as today is the Autumnal Equinox and the true start of Fall, it seems the perfect time to bring that mindfulness into the rest of my life and set an intention for this season.

For Fall 2013, my intention is to live cleanly and with balance.

Peter and I spent the afternoon cleaning our house from top to bottom (boy did it need it!). This evening, I planned for some clean eating this week by making a simple lentil soup for my lunches. And for balance? Well, I’m about to head to bed early with a good book. I’d say that’s a perfect way to balance out a busy weekend. Until next time, my friends!

Next morning update: on the way to work I told Peter about this post and my intention for Fall. His response was that it “sounded really new-agey” so I translated it into husband-friendly terms: I want to have a clean house, eat healthy, and not work too much. He understood that a bit better ūüėČ

View from the Shard – 32nd Floor

It’s been a week of goodbyes. Last Saturday we gave farewell hugs to my good friends Mo and Jamie as embarked on their around-the-world trip, culminating with a move back to the US. A few days later on Tuesday, my work-BFF Ashley celebrated her last day with the company. Let me tell you, Wednesday through Friday felt a little bit lonely without my normal crew!

Luckily, the week ended on a high note with a visit from my former housemate, Ginny. She’s in town visiting her sister and saved Friday night for some serious catchup time with me. It was wonderful!


We gabbed over a long dinner at Mildred’s in Soho. Ginny had the tagine and I enjoyed the pumpkin and ricotta ravioli. I wish I’d taken some pictures of the food because it was lovely.¬†After dinner, we met up with Peter and his friends.¬†Coincidentally, the guys were also catching up with a friend in town from the US so it was like a mini American-invasion – my fave!

As a group, we headed over to the Shard to check out the Oblix bar and restaurant on the 32nd floor. The Shard is an 87 story skyscraper that opened recently in London. The outside of the building is mostly glass so the views of the city are incredible!

The atmosphere in Oblix was just perfect for the night – casual with a touch of special. The lighting was warm and there was live band playing unexpected classics like Whitney Houston’s¬†Saving All My Love for You. We got some cocktails, settled into a booth to chat, and looked out at stunning views of the night lights on Tower Bridge. The perfect end to the week!


Aren’t these pretty spectacular sights? Apparently the Shard has viewing platforms at levels 68, 69, and 72. Definitely want to go up there on a clear day and check it out!