Sunday Trip to The Vyne

Sunday mornings in our house follow a certain pattern. Before we’ve even had breakfast, I usually turn to Peter and say either ‘We need a plan for today’ or ‘Ok, so, I have an idea…’ My ideas are typically creative suggestions for how we can spend our day and they often require good salesmanship on my part before Peter’s willing to entertain them. This morning, he slept in too late and we didn’t have time for my crazy idea of the day (lucky him!).

Instead, today was a ‘We need a plan’ sort of day and between the two of us we decided to go to The Vyne, a National Trust stately home with gardens near Basingstoke. The house and gardens are beautiful and such a great place to spend a few hours on a warm and sunny afternoon.

We arrived at lunchtime so we stopped into the tearoom. Peter loaded up with two sandwiches and crisps while I sampled the pea and mint soup with a side of Victoria sponge cake. Both were yummy!

After lunch, we toured the house and gardens. I loved all the architectural details and craftsmanship inside the house — carved wooden walls, intricate ceilings, and masterful tapestries.

The gardens have organically grown fruit and vegetables which are used to make the food in the tearoom (amazing!). They also harvest the apples in October for purchase during their ‘Orchard Weekend’. All proceeds go to the garden conservation work. I’m such a fan of this idea and will definitely add this to the weekend ‘plan’ for October!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Trip to The Vyne

  1. There was a sign telling you that you couldn’t pick the fruit. You had to wait until October to sample / buy them. Holly had to use all her will power to resist the delights!

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