Strike a Pose

I matured early. By 13 or so I was my current height and not far off my adult weight. It wasn’t always easy looking like a woman in a sea of skinny teenage kids.

Luckily, one of my friends and I made light of it and did our best to have some fun with it. One day in highschool, she and I decided that we should capitalize on our situation and become plus-sized models. We could put our figures to good use and, as we were really just normal adult size, we reasoned we could be the waif models of the plus-sized industry. The plan was pure genius – we could turn our liabilities into assets!

Some internet research quickly revealed that we were in fact too thin and too short to actually pursue this plan. However, being ‘waifs of the plus-sized model world’ became a running joke that we still chuckle over.

I was reminded of this story today when that short-lived dream became a semi-reality. At work they were checking product fit and needed someone in every size to try on all of the clothes this season. They measured me up and I was pretty spot on as a size ‘large’ so I offered my services.

Being a fit model was actually a lot of fun! We must have tried on 10 to 15 outfits together, all at the same time.  We’d stand around and compare how the garments looked across sizes. A quick photo later for the product team’s records and then it was off to try on another outfit. It kind of felt like a slumber party.

Here’s a snapshot of us hamming it up in matching outfits. My big modelling debut!



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