Borough Market

Today the air had a crisp coolness about it that practically screamed, “Pull out your sweaters and get ready for fall!” Gosh, I love this time of year.

Peter and I enjoyed the glorious weather with my friends at Borough Market in London. These girls are about to leave the UK after almost three years here for work and wanted to get one last grilled cheese from the Kappacasein Dairy market stand. This grilled cheese is legendary. It’s made with cheddar cheese, sourdough bread, and an onion/garlic/leek mix that makes the whole thing out of this world!

What a great way to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Borough Market is a feast for eyes as well as the appetite. We couldn’t leave without taking in the beautiful scenes of fruits and vegetables piled high, tables full of confections, and vats full of steaming paella. We also stopped for some ultra-healthy organic juices. I had one called the Zinger with lemon, ginger, apple, and wheatgrass in it and boy did it live up to its name!


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