Run, Team, Run

What do you get when you mix potato chips, candy bars, wine, and 13.1 miles of running? Well, you either get a digestive disaster or the super fun race that Peter and I took part in on Sunday — the Bacchus Half Marathon! Luckily, we enjoyed the latter 😉

Named for the Roman god of wine, the Bacchus Half Marathon  starts and ends in a local vineyard and the entire focus is fun, fun, fun. All of the participants are encouraged to dress in costume and some really took it to heart. We saw people dressed as things like bunches of grapes, cows, fairies, Where’s Waldo, and even Elvis!



Each of the seven water stations along the way gave out water, snacks like candy and chips, and wine! Although I don’t usually mix exercise with alcohol, I couldn’t resist joining in the fun for this one. Here I am sampling at one of the stations along the way.


At the end of this scenic and hilly race, we arrived back at the vineyard where we were served a barbecue lunch — roasted hog or halloumi sandwiches, coleslaw, salad, and wine, of course. All the participants sat at long tables eating, relaxing, and listening to a DJ that had come for the event. It was such a nice atmosphere and a great way to top off a challenging afternoon.

Here we are with our medals immediately after finishing the race. We were exhausted but feeling pretty happy  at this point. We’ll definitely be considering this race again next year for a healthy challenge and a great time!Image


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