Woking Food Festival


We were running errands this morning and stumbled upon Woking’s Food & Drink festival just in time for lunch – amazing!

I think this is the festival’s first year and boy did they pull out the stops. It’s a three day event with live cooking demonstrations from prestigious local chefs and past winners of BBC MasterChef, a BBQ competition, and over 40 food stalls.

One of the stalls was promoting healthy living and had a blender attached to a bicycle. I couldn’t pass up the chance to blend my own smoothie. What a laugh!


From there, we went in search of some good eats. I zeroed in on this tasty beef brisket sandwich from the Old School BBQ stall. They make American-inspired barbecue from meat reared at their farm in the Surrey Hills. Fabulous story and great sandwich. What’s not to love?

Peter also made out like a bandit with his delicious burger from The Shack Revolution. Cooked over coals and topped with rocket, ketchup, and sauteed onions, these burgers were the real deal.

What a great event to happen upon. I hope Woking decides to make this a regular occurrence and get more local restauranteurs involved because it could really become a big thing!


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