Just a Trim

I’m terrible about scheduling haircuts. I know I’m supposed to cut it every 10 to 12 weeks but it’s hard to justify when all I’m getting is a trim. Instead I usually end up waiting until the last possible moment — when its covered in split ends and styling is so frustrating that I just give up.

It’s in that time of utter hair desperation that the salons hear from me. I’ll call around until I find a place that will take me the same day and usually book the first appointment available.

Yesterday was one of those days. Peter and I went together for last minute haircuts and came out looking like healthy normal people again.

I’d been considering chopping a lot of my hair off and doing a long bob. Wasn’t ready for it this time around though so I just went for a good trim (a few inches) and general reshaping.


When we left the salon, the sun was shining — always a good sign.


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