Holly-day in London

Moving to the UK was a big lifestyle change for me. When I was living in DC, my time was filled with friends, family, volunteering, and work. However, over here, work and my husband usually take the focus.

Last Sunday I broke the pattern and had a “DC Holly” type day. I spent the morning volunteering with the Junior League of London at the Manna Centre soup kitchen. A few girls and I washed dishes as over 200 people came for breakfast and lunch. The pile of things to wash seemed endless — just as the dishes from breakfast were finished being cleaned, the lunch rush started. It was exhausting but also so rewarding to be able to help. Here we are with Phillip, one of the people who works at the Manna Centre.

After the wash-a-thon, I met up with a friend of mine from college who just moved to London to pursue an MBA. It was a beautiful fall day with crisp air and sunshine.

We decided to grab a cocktail at the rooftop bar of the swish ME hotel. Beautiful views for a wonderful afternoon.

To many more Holly-days in London!



2 thoughts on “Holly-day in London

  1. I’d love to have a Holly Day! Cocktails included of course, though I suppose I’d have to call it a Sara Day 🙂

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