Made My Monday

I’m back from a fantastic long weekend in Germany (which I’ll tell you more about later!). Monday’s are so much harder when you have to catch up at work and adjust to ‘real’ life again. 

After a busy day at work, my day was made when I read this article about the Lamont Street Collective in Washington DC on my train ride home.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had a few friends who lived in the Lamont Street Collective (LSC). This house is a very unique and special spot that nurtures community and creativity. In the hustle and bustle of DC living, the LSC is a refreshing break from the norm. As the article describes, “the collective excels at creating such spaces and simple activities that transport you out of D.C.: working in the garden, listening to an LP in the dining room, lounging on the porch out front or around the fire pit out back, hot toddy in hand, meditating on and grappling with the forces that stymie collective action.” 

Many of my best memories of living in the city were spent at the house — star gazing on the roof, beers on the front porch or friendly meals around the huge table. In a way, it kind of felt like a home away from home. 

Such sweet memories to conjure up and dwell in. If only I could head back for one of those LSC evenings now…


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