Halloween Fun

Well, it’s almost Halloween which is such a great time of year! That said, Halloween really isn’t the same in the UK. Not many people carve pumpkins, the only acceptable costumes are scary ones, and we didn’t have a single trick-or-treater last year. Sigh.

Since moving here, I’ve come up with my own ways of getting into the Halloween spirit amidst the British apathy. Last year we carved pumpkins and this year I signed us up for the Night Fright run near Guildford.

The Night Fright run was a 8.5km (5.3 mile) Halloween-themed race through the woods at night. As costumes were encouraged, we decided to make the effort.


I went as a vampire, Peter a skeleton, and our friend Shish came as the Joker from Dark Knight.

DSC04351The race started at 6pm, just a few minutes after sunset. As most of the run happened in the dark, headlamps were mandatory. Glowsticks and fluorescent signs marked the trail as we made our way along wooded paths and climbed up dark hills. I’d never run at night like this before so it was a pretty cool experience. One of the spookiest parts of the run was when we came to a hilltop clearing and saw the outlines of tombstones in an old graveyard ahead. Very creepy!


After last night’s excitement, I was inspired to set the Halloween mood at home with a little seasonal decor on our mantle and some spooky fingernail polish.

Are you doing anything for Halloween?


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