“The One” (Recipe to Save Forever)

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Sure doesn’t feel like it here! Maybe that’s because I don’t have any plans this year.

Will you let me live vicariously through your celebrations instead? You will?! Oh, good. That makes things infinitely easier.

Now, not to be pushy, but I do have some ground rules. If you’re celebrating on my behalf I’m going to have to insist that you do us both a favor and make this Sweet Corn Bread Pudding.

This stuffing/pudding is savory, simple, and so completely delicious that everyone who tries it will be begging for more. My friend Christine found it online back in 2005 and it’s been a Thanksgiving staple ever since. Definitely one to try this year and keep forever!

Enjoy and don’t forget to report back on all the juicy details of your Thursday gluttony – I live for that stuff!


A Side Project

My cousin and her husband recently bought a fixer-upper farmhouse and have been lovingly restoring it on a shoestring. They have boundless enthusiasm, fantastic creativity, and have uncovered quite a few surprises along the way! Luckily, they’ve been chronicling their adventures on their blog, A Farmhouse Reborn, so we can all join the ride. Catching up on their house projects inspired me to do my own…

For the new house, we’ve been looking at furniture and decided on this beautiful dark bed.

Unfortunately, the store was sold out of the matching beside tables and our current ones are light wood so they won’t go together at all.


Now here’s where I decided to get crafty! We grabbed a can of stain from the local hardware shop and set to work. Three coats later, I have this beauty:


I know exactly what you’re thinking, “Holly, that doesn’t look much different.” But I can assure you, it’s pretty dark in real life and will hopefully match. Now all we need to do is get the house to go with the bedroom set 🙂


I’ve been trying so hard to be all zen, laissez-faire, take-life-as-it-comes with our house move but patience isn’t really my best virtue. We’ve officially made it to five months of waiting since our offer was accepted and I’d like to think I’ve taken the whole buying-a-house-in-England process in stride for at least 90% of that time. But really, I’m just ready to move already!

Every morning, I wake up feeling like the kid in the backseat of a long road trip asking ‘are we there yet?’ One thing that’s been keeping me going is dreaming up ways to decorate the new space.

Last weekend, we were out shopping and came across this set of bathroom accessories at Anthropologie. So cute, right?

We loved them for our new master bathroom. The new accessories will tie in nicely with the accent tiles and will cosy up the room a bit.

Fingers crossed (a million times over) that we’re only a few more weeks away from being able to unite these two pictures. It’s going to be such a great day!

Escape to the Country: Arundel

Last Saturday, Peter and I went to the town of Arundel in West Sussex for a little exploring. We chose this destination because it was relatively close by (good for Peter) and had a castle (great for me)!

We arrived in Arundel in the mid-afternoon and set about acquainting ourselves with the town. It’s so adorable — chock full of antique shops, charming restaurants, and quaint houses.


Dodging the rain, we ducked into various antique shops as we made our way up the high street to the town’s cathedral. By the time we reached the cathedral, the sun was out and shining through the stained glass windows into this beautiful space.

We lingered at the cathedral for a short while and then headed off to the main focal point of the town: Arundel Castle. Built in 1068, the castle has almost 1,000 years of history and is astonishingly still in use today as a home to the Duke of Norfolk and his family.

I was very impressed with the castle and its grounds. Each room we visited inside was exceptionally maintained and filled with history. The gardens were lovely and the views quite striking.

All in all, Arundel was a nice little gem to find and a great day out. I’m definitely a fan. They even have an ‘Arundel by Candlelight‘ event in December to kick off the Christmas spirit – LOVE!

5th of November

Tonight’s Guy Fawkes Night (aka Bonfire Night) here in England and the whole evening has been punctuated with the sound of fireworks in the background. In fact, celebrations have been going on in various villages near us for the past few weeks. Here’s a bonfire we saw being set up last weekend.


Despite the fanfare, we’ve been pretty low key with our involvement this year — enjoying the glimpses we’ve seen of fireworks in the distance but not seeking out much more.

We don’t think Lola’s a big fan. She’s been hiding in the bathroom a lot lately and walking around looking aloof.

I guess we can’t all like fireworks.