Dinner @ Dinner

On Friday, I had the pleasure of dining at the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. A friend of mine made the reservation months ago. Since that time, two of my colleagues have been to Dinner and raved about the experience. It was time to try for myself.

One thing to know about Heston Blumenthal is that he has a modern and scientific approach to cooking. Many of the dishes on the menu were prepared using a sous-vide technique (vacuum-packed slow cooking), which is something I wasn’t familiar with. I have to admit, I’m not always a fan of overly scientific food preparation but I do have to say that Dinner serves up the right mix of old and new. Shall we begin?

For the starter, I had Salamugundy and the table split the must-have Meat Fruit. At Dinner, all of the dishes are modern takes on historical British recipes and each dish has a date listed next to it in the menu.

ImageSalamugundy was a recipe from 1720 and is chicken oysters with salsify, bone marrow, and horseradish sauce. The combination was delicious!

The Meat Fruit was inspired by a medieval recipe and is foie gras made to look like an orange. Isn’t it incredible how real it looks? Foie gras isn’t something I typically eat but I did have a sliver of the Meat Fruit and it was very tasty.

For the main meal, I had Cod in Cider. I love everything the menu advertised for this dish — cod, chard, and mussels.


The sauce was made with butter and citrus so it was both smooth and bright. No wild cooking techniques here, just an excellently prepared fish. We also had sides of green beans, kale, and chips. Delicious!

For dessert, we outdid ourselves. We ordered two Tipsy Cakes for the table to share. Tipsy Cake is a boozy, creamy, brioche bread pudding that is truly the must-have dessert on the menu.

IMG_1517In addition to the Tipsy Cake, we each ordered our own dessert. I had the Autumn Tart with blackberry sorbet. The tart was fresh and tasty but no match for the decadence and delight of the Tipsy Cake.


During the meal, the table next to ours had ice cream freshly prepared at their table – what fun!


 We had a great evening — delicious food and an excellent experience!


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