Escape to the Country: Arundel

Last Saturday, Peter and I went to the town of Arundel in West Sussex for a little exploring. We chose this destination because it was relatively close by (good for Peter) and had a castle (great for me)!

We arrived in Arundel in the mid-afternoon and set about acquainting ourselves with the town. It’s so adorable — chock full of antique shops, charming restaurants, and quaint houses.


Dodging the rain, we ducked into various antique shops as we made our way up the high street to the town’s cathedral. By the time we reached the cathedral, the sun was out and shining through the stained glass windows into this beautiful space.

We lingered at the cathedral for a short while and then headed off to the main focal point of the town: Arundel Castle. Built in 1068, the castle has almost 1,000 years of history and is astonishingly still in use today as a home to the Duke of Norfolk and his family.

I was very impressed with the castle and its grounds. Each room we visited inside was exceptionally maintained and filled with history. The gardens were lovely and the views quite striking.

All in all, Arundel was a nice little gem to find and a great day out. I’m definitely a fan. They even have an ‘Arundel by Candlelight‘ event in December to kick off the Christmas spirit – LOVE!


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