I’ve been trying so hard to be all zen, laissez-faire, take-life-as-it-comes with our house move but patience isn’t really my best virtue. We’ve officially made it to five months of waiting since our offer was accepted and I’d like to think I’ve taken the whole buying-a-house-in-England process in stride for at least 90% of that time. But really, I’m just ready to move already!

Every morning, I wake up feeling like the kid in the backseat of a long road trip asking ‘are we there yet?’ One thing that’s been keeping me going is dreaming up ways to decorate the new space.

Last weekend, we were out shopping and came across this set of bathroom accessories at Anthropologie. So cute, right?

We loved them for our new master bathroom. The new accessories will tie in nicely with the accent tiles and will cosy up the room a bit.

Fingers crossed (a million times over) that we’re only a few more weeks away from being able to unite these two pictures. It’s going to be such a great day!


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