A Side Project

My cousin and her husband recently bought a fixer-upper farmhouse and have been lovingly restoring it on a shoestring. They have boundless enthusiasm, fantastic creativity, and have uncovered quite a few surprises along the way! Luckily, they’ve been chronicling their adventures on their blog, A Farmhouse Reborn, so we can all join the ride. Catching up on their house projects inspired me to do my own…

For the new house, we’ve been looking at furniture and decided on this beautiful dark bed.

Unfortunately, the store was sold out of the matching beside tables and our current ones are light wood so they won’t go together at all.


Now here’s where I decided to get crafty! We grabbed a can of stain from the local hardware shop and set to work. Three coats later, I have this beauty:


I know exactly what you’re thinking, “Holly, that doesn’t look much different.” But I can assure you, it’s pretty dark in real life and will hopefully match. Now all we need to do is get the house to go with the bedroom set 🙂


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