Hippy Dippy


Yesterday morning, I treated myself to a massage at a spa next to this beautiful river. It felt so good to completely relax, release, and allow myself to be pampered. While I was on the table and focusing on relaxing, I noticed one of the areas I was the tightest was the hips. In fact, I had to really concentrate to get those muscles to completely let go.

When practicing yoga, they tell you that the body stores negative emotions and stress in the hip area. Yoga teachers often encourage their students to release negative thoughts and feelings during particularly hip-intensive postures.

Recognizing that my hips were so tense yesterday was a bit of a wake up call. Could I be more stressed than I realise? Is it possible that I have deeply rooted emotional baggage that is manifesting itself as saddlebags?

I’ve decided to explore this a little bit further and embark on a week of focused exercises and stretches to “open” my hips, as they say in yoga. Will stretching my hips lead me to feeling happier and more relaxed? Will it bring up deeply rooted emotions that need to be released? Will it turn out to be some miracle weight-loss solution? We shall see…

Each day for the next week, I’ll be doing a hip-opening yoga practice I found on yogajournal.com. I’ve just finished it for the first time and I’m feeling ultra-relaxed so that’s a good sign. I’ll let you know how it goes by the end of the week!


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