Made My Monday

My Monday was a ten hour workday, followed by a five mile run, and then a commute home in the rain. The best part of my day? Coming home to find the laundry done!

Yes, sometimes it’s the simple things that are just so good.


Park Run @ Bushy Park

In the UK, there’s a fantastic organization called ParkRun that hosts timed 5K runs in local parks across the country. The runs take place every Saturday morning at 9am and are non-competitive. Some people come ready to fly around the course in their personal best time while others are just there to have fun, bringing along dogs or strollers.

Peter’s friend told us about the park runs over a year ago but we didn’t get a chance to check them out until yesterday. We went to Bushy Park’s run which is apparently one of the biggest. They have an average of 477 runners per event! As we drove into the park, we saw people converging from every direction either on foot or on bike. Even though it’s a low-key, friendly event, there was something exciting about getting together with that many people to just to run!

Luckily we made friends with someone in the crowd who gave us a few pointers before the run started. Yesterday’s event had pacers (people running at a specific pace holding up flags with that time) so you can manage your pace. Also, he told us that some people had on shirts showing how many park runs they’d participated in – 50, 100, and even 250! We saw them throughout the run and were very impressed.

For our first run, Peter and I had the conservative goal of beating the 33 minute pacer. Turns out we well exceeded that time can came in at 30 minutes and 1 second! I think we’ll definitely be back to beat that time and work toward a ’50 run’ t-shirt.

My Mom’s Visit!

My mom just left today to return to Virginia and boy, I miss her already! She’s one of my very best friends and I had such a great time hanging out with her all week. There’s nothing more restorative to the soul than good ol’ fashioned mom-time.

One of the main reasons she came over was to help get our house organized. As you saw on Monday, we wasted no time whipping my yoga studio into gorgeous shape! We also tackled the living room, storage closet, and kitchen while she was here so the whole house is feeling much more settled in now.

Despite lots to do in the house, we still found time to explore London and our surrounding areas. We visited two parks (Bushy Park and Leith Hill), ate at some lovely country pubs, and spent two of our days seeing the best of the big city.

Here we are at Bushy Park on the day my mom arrived. We were trying to help her stay awake after her red-eye flight and I think the cold that day definitely did the job!


While in London, I took my mom to the hidden gem Kastner & Ovens in Covent Garden where we feasted on amazing quiche, delicious salads, and a huge slice of banoffee pie for dessert. We then went to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, which has been running for 62 years! After the play, we met up with Peter for dinner at Cantina Laredo, a tasty mexican restaurant that makes fresh guacamole at your table.


For our second trip into London, mom and I did a tiny bit of sightseeing and then went shopping on Regent Street and Oxford Street. What fun!

Can’t wait for my mom to come visit again. I may need to come up with a redecorating project or two to lure her back over posthaste! 😉