Celebrating Two Years

Two years ago in March, Peter and I got married!


To celebrate our anniversary, we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend and had a blast. It was my first time to the city so we made sure to schedule in the obligatory tourist activities along with generous amounts of wandering along the canals and sampling local cuisine.

We stayed in an adorable studio apartment in the Nine Streets area of the city. We didn’t know it at the time of booking, but Nine Streets is the perfect place to experience quintessential Amsterdam. The neighborhood is jam-packed with trendy boutiques and independent restaurants set along canals.

Each morning, we stepped out of our building into the most charming scenes of people strolling or biking along the canals. We could hardly walk 10 feet without stopping to take another picture!

We ate most of our meals at little cafes along the canals that served nicely-prepared classic fare. Our first morning we both had bagels with cream cheese and fresh chopped chives that were so good Peter’s still raving about them! For one of our lunches, I indulged in an amazingly delicious sandwich that appeared on almost every menu — goat cheese with walnuts and honey.

By far my favorite breakfast was at this place called Winkel 43 that my friend recommended. When we arrived, there were lines out the door of people waiting for the house speciality: Dutch apple pie. When I finally got my piece, it was moist, sweet, and fully of apple goodness – definitely worth the wait!

I also made sure to try some Dutch specialties like French fries with mayonnaise and bitterballen, a deep-fried ball of beef ragout. I found the French fries easy to love but the bitterballen more of an acquired taste.

One of the places we visited was Anne Frank house. Having grown up learning about Anne Frank’s family and imagining what their annex was like, I was especially fascinated to see the place where her family was actually in hiding. Each room was preserved how it was after the nazis had raided the annex and stripped it out but you could see pictures of what the furniture setup was like at the time of hiding. The museum was extremely well done and, knowing their story so well, I found the experience very moving and somewhat surreal.

The rest of our visit we spent shopping in the Nine Streets neighborhood, ambling through the parks, and taking a canal cruise to see various parts of the city. Amsterdam was a wonderful getaway and the perfect place for us to celebrate two years of marriage!



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