Early Mornings

The sun rose at 5:58am this morning but it was light much earlier. We’re gradually making our way toward the height of summer when sunrise will happen at 4:42am. About this time every year, I dig out the ol’ eye mask just so I can sleep until my 6:15am alarm.

This year, though, I decided to go fancy and got a brand new eye mask. I figured since it becomes such a vital part of my springtime routine, I might as well splash out on a high quality one. Enter the Binchotan charcoal eye mask designed to relieve fatigue and stress.


I have no idea whether the infrared rays are easing pressure on my optic nerve and promoting blood circulation, as advertised, but I am enjoying the upgrade to a really nice eye mask. Sure beats the free one I got on my last red-eye flight!

Even with my new toy to block out the light, the sun still got to me this morning and I was wide awake by 5:30am. Instead of fighting it, I decided to embrace the early start with a sunrise run. I love being out and about in the early morning when it’s quiet and you have the whole world to yourself. This morning was especially nice because everything was covered in a pinky glow from the sunrise.


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