Pick Your Own at Garson’s Farm

After last week’s post, we wasted no time and set off to do some apple picking at a local pick your own place, Garson’s Farm.

Weight & Pay at Garsons

For me, going apple picking is time-honored tradition and one of the greatest ways to celebrate the season. Most years when I was living in Virginia and DC, I would head out with either family or friends (or both!) to fill up bags and bags of fresh apples. Peter and I don’t have that tradition here in the UK but, with such a lovely farm like Garson’s nearby, I can quickly see that changing.

In all my excitement to pick apples last weekend, I failed to check one crucial thing before we set out: whether apple season was still going on at Garson’s. Unfortunately, it was not. In Virginia, you could definitely still go apple picking on the first weekend of October so it didn’t even cross my mind! Oh well, we decided to jump in anyway and see what they did have.

We ended up with an absolutely gorgeous loot of broccoli, butternut squash, beets, and pumpkins. Shockingly, there were even some late strawberries to be had.

Although it wasn’t exactly apple picking, I’d still count that trip as one checked off the BBAL and also a fantastic find. We’ll definitely be going back to Garson’s!


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