After having an amazing time at Oktoberfest in Munich five years ago, I always have a hankering for good German food and beer around this time of year. Munich wasn’t exactly in the cards for us this Autumn, so what’s a girl to do?

Enter: Katzenjammers, a tavern near London Bridge that serves up authentic German nosh and brews. Peter and I decided to check it out last night with some friends and it definitely lived up to our expectations. We got there in time for dinner and stayed on through drinking as the place filled up around us.

As you know, I’m not having any alcohol these days so I decided to get my fill of non-alcoholic beers and delicious German food instead. I absolutely gorged myself on an enormous portion of “Macaroni Mecklenberg” (basically, mac and cheese) and did my best with a cheese covered fresh pretzel.


It was only after I was completely full and about to burst that I discovered they also serve beef sausages — if only I’d left some room for more!

One of the highlights of the evening was the brass band that came in to play contemporary hits. They just plonked themselves right in the middle of the bar and wailed away. It was fantastic!

IMG_20141018_210522Such a great night and definitely a place to go back to for a German-filled good time.


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