Envelope Stuffer Extraordinaire

As many of you know, I enjoy volunteering through the Junior League of London. Most of my experiences are with the Manna Society, a day center for the homeless. I work with them to organize volunteer shifts for the League and I also volunteer there myself.

Over the years, I’ve helped with washing dishes at Sunday morning soup kitchens, distributing clothes to the homeless during the cold winter months, and stuffing envelopes for their donor mailings.

Recently, I did what will probably be my last volunteer shift there for the next few months. A team of four of us from the Junior League helped stuff 1,000 envelopes for their Christmas newsletter mailing. Although our hands were aching by the end, we had a great time chatting while we worked away.

Turns out three of us there were Americans married to Brits. One of the girls was also expecting her first child in 2015 and the other had a baby here in the UK within the last two years. What were the chances?

You can bet there was a LOT of great baby talk during that time – so fun! I’m so glad to have ended this run of volunteering on a such a great note!


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