Games Night

I love hosting gatherings! In my book, it’s always “the more the merrier” when it comes to food and friends. The thrill of planning and prepping never gets old and I especially love seasonally themed get-togethers.

As the leaves turned and the temperatures dropped this year, my heart started to hanker for an autumn gathering so Peter and I invited our friends over for a low-key chili dinner and games night.

My first order of business was to send out an invitation on Paperless Post (my fave).

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 5.35.18 AM

Then I started compiling recipes, including some old favorites and new discoveries. I used Pinterest to keep every all the recipes in one place and give me some ideas for fun desserts. The menu ended up being:

Pre-dinner nibbles: veggies, cheese, chips and dips

Dinner: veggie chili, beef chili, cornbread, all the fixins

Dessert: reese’s peanut butter cup popcorn, millionaire shortbread, birthday cake

The menu was simple but really fun to prepare. Recipes here for those who are interested.

I began cooking mid morning and was well underway when we started getting regrets from several friends who had come down with colds and wouldn’t be able to make it – oh no!

By the time of the event, we ended up with a cozy gathering of six and enough food to feed an army. On the plus side, we could all sit at the dinner table and there was plenty of food to go around!

After dinner, we settled down to play Cards Against Humanity. We were having so much fun I forgot to take pictures throughout but here are a few I snapped at the end of the card game and the aftermath of our dinner.

Here’s to another great gathering and more to come!


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