It’s Beginning to…

…look a lot like Christmas around here!


We’re hosting Christmas this year which means we get to have a little fun and get a real Christmas tree. Two years ago, I convinced Peter to have a go at cutting down own tree. Maybe it’s because he’s older and wiser now or maybe because he realized a pregnant woman can only help so much, but cutting down a tree wasn’t even an option he was willing to entertain this year!

Instead, we shuffled off to our local garden center, Garsons, and selected a pre-cut tree from the lot. Although we weren’t cutting down the tree, one thing that made the experience special was that Garsons had real reindeer on site that you could feed. Yes, it was definitely there for the kids, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it nonetheless.

Back at home we put on Christmas music, made some mugs of hot cocoa, and set about making the house cheery and bright. Can’t wait for Christmas now – it’s just around the corner!


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