Resolved: A Look Back at 2014 Resolutions


For the past several weeks, our minds have been focused on the future; planning Christmas, thinking ahead to welcoming our little one into the world, preparing to leave work in February. We haven’t really had much time to look back on the good things we have been doing.

With Christmas behind us and the quiet slowness of the budding new year at our fingertips, it feels the perfect time to reflect on the last year. In early 2014, I blogged about my new year’s resolutions. Unlike my BBAL which is a very concrete list of things to do, most of my 2014 resolutions were intentions for how I wanted to live in the year. The only goal-oriented resolution was to get my UK driving license which I’m happy to say was done in March!

So how did I get on with the rest of my resolutions?

  • Celebrate my femininity – I started out this year hoping to have fun with all the perks that come from being a woman. I wanted to enjoy dressing up, looking nice, and spending time with girlfriends — not just schlepping around in the same old sweatpants and ponytail day after day. What I didn’t anticipate (and couldn’t have known at the time) is how deeply I would connect with my femininity this year through my pregnancy. Months of morning sickness didn’t help me with “looking nice” or “spending time with girlfriends” but the entire journey of pregnancy is so undeniably womanly. I can’t think of a better celebration of the female experience than bringing a new woman into the world. On that count, I’d say I achieved this resolution and then some!
  • Care for the people and things in my life – there are always more ways to show the people you love how much you care for them. I can’t say I succeeded in nurturing my relationships and possessions every single day but there were some really good moments in 2014. One of the major ways we extend our love is by opening our home to family and friends. In 2014, we hosted my sister from the US for several weeks, organized several gatherings for friends and neighbors at our house, and had Peter’s entire family around for Christmas. So much love in one little house this year! I also managed two trips to see family and friends in the US. One trip included hosting baby showers for two of my dearest friends, such a special experience and one I really value. I’d love to continue this trend of caring and nurturing into 2015.
  • Reconnect with my creative side – my creativity came through this year in three main ways: gardening, cooking, and entertaining. When I was given the opportunity to take over an allotment this summer, I jumped right in and immediately got my hands dirty. The act of gardening is a quiet creativity but the outcome can be anything but. The fruits of my labor quickly presented themselves and I was blessed with an abundance of squash. Out came the cooking creativity! I found recipes for zucchini bread, zucchini soup, zucchini casserole. You name it, I cooked it (with varying success). Also, I enjoyed the creativity that comes from hosting a gathering. From selecting invitations and decor to preparing the food to arranging the house, I love the creative expression party planning can bring.
  • Surrender to possibility – oh boy, I don’t think I could have done this resolution any more justice than I already have! Thinking back to a year ago, I could never have imagined that I would spend my spring obtaining my ‘indefinite leave to remain’ status in the UK, my summer gardening, and my autumn checking things off of a Before-Baby-Adventure-List. And ultimately, the biggest surrender is to bringing new life into this world. There are so many possibilities and unknowns when it comes to building a family and the only thing you can do is surrender to the journey life takes you on!

And on that note, it’s time to start this new year! We’ll be clearing away the last of Christmas today and starting the new year with a clean and fresh house. What will you be doing?


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