Checking out the Roof Gardens

Who visits a garden in the winter? Apparently I do! Peter and I visited the Kensington Roof Gardens today for the first time. Yup, right in the dead of the winter. Although the weather was dismal and nothing is in bloom this time of year, we actually enjoyed checking out the area and loved the novelty of a rooftop garden.


The gardens are on the 6th floor rooftop of a large building on Kensington High Street in London. They two took years to build and were opened to the public in 1938. Apparently, there are still seven trees left from the original planting back in the 1930s. When the gardens were opened, a shilling was charged for entry and the fees were donated to charity. Now, the area is owned by Sir Richard Branson and the gardens are free to enter.

As you’d imagine, we were the only ones strolling around the gardens today so we could take our time. There are three separate areas to the garden — the Spanish Garden, the Tudor Garden, and the English Woodland.

The first area you encounter upon entry is the Spanish Garden which is the most dramatic. There’s a terraced seating area that looks perfect for having a summer cocktail while looking out across the garden and people watching.

To the left of the Spanish Garden is the Tudor area. Unfortunately most of this looked blocked off for an event but we did see the tudor inspired arches.


Around the corner was the English Woodland garden. This area included a small stream, several bridges, and four flamingos!

Although it was great to have our own private viewing today and I can’t wait to come back in the summer sometime and have a drink or two in this beautiful area!


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