Seeking Out Style

Last weekend, I finally made it to see the Horst: Photographer of Style exhibit at the V&A museum. Although I’ve been wanting to go for months, I ended up going on the very last day of the exhibit. In fact, I actually waited so long to buy a ticket that I couldn’t do it online and had to show up the museum hoping there were still some left. I’m never this disorganized!

Eek – hope there are tickets left!

Luckily, there were immediate tickets available so I could waltz right in and start enjoying the gorgeous pictures.

For those who aren’t familiar with Horst, I’m guessing a little background information may be in order… The exhibit was of images from photographer Horst P. Horst’s 60 year career. Having worked with Vogue in Paris and New York for a number of years, he is best known for his photographs of women and fashion. However, the breadth of his work includes still life, nudes, interior architecture, and nature photographs. The exhibit explanation on V&A’s website gives a good overview of his many areas of talent and what was covered in the exhibit.


I absolutely love the glamour of the 1930s and 1940s and couldn’t wait to see beautiful images taken by such an influential and pivotal photographer of that era. The exhibit did not disappoint where that was concerned. The first room was completely devoted to images taken in the 1930s (many for Vogue) and even included original haute couture gowns from that era. Gah – I was in love and so envious of those times! If only I had infinite wealth and attended 1930s dinner parties every evening…

The rest of the exhibit was just as interesting. There were entire sections for photographs of movie stars, nudes, still life, interiors, nature, travel, and covers of Vogue magazines! Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures in the exhibit but I did try to snap a few in the museum shop afterward. All of the pictures in this post were taken outside of the exhibit, mostly of the merchandise promoting the exhibit. Yes, the real thing was better but you can at least get an idea of how gorgeous these pictures were!

I left the Horst exhibit grinning ear to ear and inspired to infuse a little glamour back into my life. Then I passed this adorable scene of ice skating next to the Natural History Museum and my day was made. Gosh it feels good to go into the “big city” sometimes!



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