Just Add Baby

I’ve spoken a lot about the activities we’ve been doing lately out of the house but I haven’t mentioned all of the the baby prep that’s been happening behind the scenes.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been preparing mentally for labor by taking birthing classes and reading books. I’m trying to get physically ready with prenatal pilates and some yoga on the side. We’ve also been doing tons of shopping, sorting, and adorable baby laundry in anticipation of our little girl’s arrival. My former yoga room has now been transformed into a (nearly) complete nursery.


As you can see, we kept the same color scheme of green, white, and grey but added some touches of pink and lots of nursery furniture. Apologies for the light in these pictures but we had class this morning and by the time I got home the sunshine was gone and the clouds were out. Oh well.

At this point, all we’re missing is baby! She has a few more weeks to go, though, so no rush 🙂


One thought on “Just Add Baby

  1. Love this room!! I want to sleep in it. I love nurseries–they’re often the cleanest part of the house during newborn baby time since the baby never really spends time there.

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