Three Years English

My first day in the UK

Three years ago today, I stepped off a plane in the UK with a wedding dress, a fiancee visa, and a plan to make a life here. I knew we’d be getting married in March and I’d try to find a job but beyond that I couldn’t have anticipated all of the wonderful things that would come our way.

The past three years have brought one little kitty cat, two new jobs for me, a new house for both of us, and many new friends and experiences. We’ve had adventures around London, the UK, and the world. I’ve gotten my UK driver’s license, filed taxes in two countries for several years now, and obtained the right to live here indefinitely. Every day, living here seems more and more natural, and that feels so good.

This three year anniversary also affords me the right to apply for UK citizenship. What a huge milestone. Becoming a mother and a UK citizen within a few months of each other is going to make 2015 a year to remember.

In some ways, life right now feels very similar to how it felt back in 2012. I’m on the brink of something wonderful and only time will tell exactly how wonderful it will be!


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