Spooky… Scary… Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

Welcome to February! We’re now T-18 days until our little one’s due date. Will she be on time? Early? Late? I’m such a planner that it still feels strange to me that we won’t know until we know. And they say there aren’t many surprises left in life… 🙂

With the due date fast approaching, Peter and I have stopped making any commitments for the next several weeks. In fact, this weekend we finished up the last of our plans by having lunch with our friends this afternoon and by going on the ghost tour at Hampton Court Palace on Friday night.


As you know, the ghost tour has been on my list for a while. I tried to get tickets back in November but it was extremely popular so the earliest we could get was for the end of January. Not ideal to be walking around for 2 hours at 37 weeks pregnant but I managed – anything for the ghosts!

But enough about me… the tour itself was excellent. It started in the courtyard of the palace and went to various rooms and locations where ghosts had supposedly been spotted. The lighting throughout the tour was dim and atmospheric, so you really felt as though you were getting a unique view of the palace. Also, the stories were all interesting. They spanned decades and were linked to various people who lived and died in the palace over the centuries.

At one point in the tour, they showed supposed video evidence of a ghost caught on tape by a security camera. Here’s the video so you can judge for yourself. What do you think? Is it real or a hoax?


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