Cooking up a Storm

The joke in our house is that I can only cook for armies. If I’m making something, the portions are invariably enormous and we always have leftovers no matter how many people we’re feeding. This week I put my grand-scale cooking skills to work in order to feed one of the best “armies” I can think of: future me!

With our Baby Girl arriving sometime in the next three weeks (gosh, I wish she’d RSVP with an exact ETA), I’m stocking our freezer with meals that I can have after the little one arrives. This week’s creations: spinach lasagna and dal with kale.


I made the lasagna without a recipe. Risky? Yes, but boy did it turn out tasty! Luckily, I learned to make lasagna with my Italian-American stepmother when I was a child and those skills have stuck with me. Also, you kinda can’t go wrong with lasagna as long as you just keep adding cheese… yum.

The dal with kale was made using a recipe my mom shared with me from the blog The Spice Spoon. This dish is so simple to make, nutritious, and deliciously comforting. A must for cold wintery nights!


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