Little Black Dress Initiative: Day 2

Despite best intentions of productivity, today has turned into a properly lazy day. I guess our laziness is partly because the night wasn’t exactly restful. Kaila decided we should all stay awake to see what 2am to 5am looked like. Then she turned her curiosity to 6am and 7am as well. Isn’t she’s so inquisitive?

Anyway, by the time she woke up for good at 8:30am, we were all a bit tired and thrown off our routines. I gave her a feed and then, luxury of luxuries, I took a shower and washed my hair! I then had just enough time to throw on this little black dress and resume mommy duties. Here I am pinned down to the chair by sleeping baby cuteness.

The Little Black Dress Initiative fundraiser is now well and truly in full swing. Yesterday, the Junior League of London had raised an impressive £10,000 already!

Many of our members have been posting eye-opening facts about poverty in London. For example, did you know that 28% of Londoners live in poverty? That’s one of the reasons that the Junior League of London has chosen addressing poverty as a key mission for the group. We work with organizations across London to provide aid and support for those who are struggling to make financial ends meet. Please consider helping in our cause by donating to the Junior League on my fundraising page:


2 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Initiative: Day 2

  1. I’m still shocked by the fact that it often takes our family three full adults (and six hands!) to comfortably raise one baby.

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