Little Black Dress Initiative: Days 3 & 4

Still going strong over here with wearing my black dress! Yesterday, I accessorized with a multicolored scarf, cardigan, and brown booties. Today the weather is cold and rainy so it just felt right to pair the dress with a slouchy, cozy sweater.

Happy to report that Kaila and I have actually managed to avoid getting spit up on the dress! Hopefully that proclamation won’t immediately jinx me…

Day 3: Our little family of three ventured out of the house and off to our local registry office to get Kaila’s birth certificate. This is the same registry office that Peter and I went to when we registered our marriage so it was really sweet to kind of come full circle. Kaila cooperated very nicely with the whole process and stayed fast asleep during the entire appointment. Here she and I are in front of the registry office.

Day 4: As I said earlier, it’s cold and rainy today so we’re keeping our ambitions for the day quite modest. My mom and I popped out to the grocery store earlier (my first time driving since Kaila was born!) and then came home to warm daal for lunch. Now we’re planning an afternoon on the couch watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on TV and gazing at the baby as she sleeps.

Only today and tomorrow left to support the Little Black Dress Initiative cause to help those living in poverty in London. Please do consider donating:


2 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Initiative: Days 3 & 4

  1. everything seems to happen so much faster in the UK! we didn’t get colin’s birth certificate for at least a month and a half and the delay screwed up health insurance and some other stuff. i’m so impressed with your ability to blog through this campaign during your first weeks of motherhood! you’re doing it right.

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