Little Black Dress Initiative: Day 5

Friday was the 5th and final day of the Little Black Dress Initiative. Kaila must have known because she spit up on the dress shortly after I put it on. Oh well, good thing it’s machine washable!

Yesterday had bright sunshine too beautiful to ignore. We knew we had to get outside to enjoy the weather so I paired the black dress with my black maternity cardigan from JoJo Maman Bebe and off we went. Our excursion was to the Woodland Gardens area of Bushy Park, an adorable park area complete with streams, ponds, rabbits, and ducks.

The whole trip was quite idyllic. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there were mothers with little ones everywhere (although we think Kaila was the littlest one of all). Peter took every opportunity he could to “off road” with Kaila in the stroller. We went down gullies and over mounds of dirt, all the while Peter bemoaned the fact that Kaila was sleeping and too young for him to introduce her to everything around us.

When we got back, I discovered an anonymous donation had been made to my fundraising page for the Little Black Dress Initiative. This final donation brought the grand total raised to £165 — not too shabby!

Thanks to all who contributed! I love that I have such wonderfully supportive friends and family who are on board for even the craziest of my ideas.


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