Little Luxuries

During the first few weeks with a newborn, time changes. It no longer seems to follow the same, regular pattern we’re all used to. Instead of seconds methodically leading to minutes that nicely stack up into hours which fold into days, the whole pattern feels disrupted. Sometimes a few minutes feels like hours and other times you’ll blink and whole days will have passed without you realizing.

With Kaila, our days are mostly divided into three hour segments as we go from one mealtime to the next. Every three hours (or so), we nurse again and a new opportunity arises for her to sleep and for us to scurry around getting things done or relaxing.

Since we’re on baby time now, any personal time feels borrowed. I’ve discovered new pleasure in the tiniest of joys during my borrowed time. Popping out to put letters in the mailbox down the street, having a bath in the evening, or simply having a few quiet moments to make breakfast for myself feel like the most incredibly indulgent and luxurious activities now!

Yesterday was one of those luxurious mornings. The sun was shining, my little girl was upstairs napping, and I had the whole kitchen to myself to cut oranges and look at flowers that we had been given. It was pure heaven.

But life these days isn’t just about the small things. We’ve also been doing some “big” things this past week or so too. Lots of firsts for Kaila. She had her first outing to the pub, her first bath, her first baby playdate, and she also met her cousin for the first time! Here are a few pictures from our week of firsts.

Now, I’m off to squeeze in a few more “little luxuries” for myself before Kaila’s next mealtime.


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