Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day here in the UK. So a huge HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you British mums out there!

I’m so happy to be celebrating personally this year, both as a new “mum” and a newly minted British citizen.

The photo above is from the maternity photo shoot I mentioned back in February. At the time it was taken, I could only imagine what this journey of motherhood would be like. I’m pleased to say it’s far surpassed my expectations — in all ways. I could never have guessed so many things..the delight I would feel in having Kaila’s tiny fingers wrapped around mine, the way entire days can evaporate into nursing and napping, the awe I would feel about my own body’s ability to create and nurture life, how hard it can be to listen to Kaila cry, and the overwhelming feelings of love that can flood through me and bring me to tears just by looking at her face.

Above all else, I don’t think I imagined how much I’d feel connected to and inspired by other mothers. Being a mother takes an incredible amount of patience, humility, self-sacrifice, bravery, confidence, strength, and love. To all the mothers who unwaveringly harness those qualities day in and day out, I salute you! Today is your day so enjoy it!


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