Turning a Corner

Yesterday morning I sliced oranges again. Same cutting board, same knife, same sun pouring through the window as before but this time something was different. Instead of creeping downstairs on borrowed time to cut oranges, I actually did it with Kaila in the room. She sat peacefully in her baby bouncer while I did what I needed to do.   

She was happy. I was happy. It felt amazing.

At six weeks, it feels like we’re really turning a corner. She’s more awake, more settled, and starting to become her own little person. I think this is where they say the real fun begins.


But with babies things can change on a dime. Our moments of morning serenity lasted just long enough for me to slice up four oranges. Then we began a cascade of baby meltdowns that would last pretty much all day. Whew!

In this baby business, you’ve got to find ways to keep laughing. One thing that never fails to make me smile is this Cadbury’s ad. It’s been a savior on those trying days.

Oh yessir, we can boogie over here. And we do!


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