First Swimming Lesson

I was nervous this morning. Actually, I was nervous all week about this morning. Kaila’s first swim lesson was a 9am today and I just had no idea how it would go.

She was born in water and likes baths so I figured we would have a good chance of her liking the swimming lesson too. But you never really know, do you? All of the typical “mama worries” were running through my head. Would it be too much for her? Would the special swimming outfit fit her OK? Would she be too sleepy or too hungry to last the full 30 minutes? Are we pushing her into something she’s not ready for? Would the teacher expect her to go under water?

A 9am start time worked to my advantage because we didn’t have too much of the morning to sit around worrying. Instead, we soldiered on, packed her things, and headed off.

Swim lesson essentials

The lessons are held at a private residence about 15 minutes drive from our house. We arrived just after 8:30 with a baby fast asleep in her car seat. Luckily, we weren’t the only ones in the class who showed up with sleeping little ones (in fact, one baby slept through the entire time in the pool!). After waking her, dressing her, and giving her one last feed, it was time to start the lesson.

Modelling her swim nappy

We were greeted by the teacher, Lauren, who happens to be the founder of the Little Dippers swim school. She has a gentle confidence and lovely instructional method that immediately put us at ease. To get all of the babies and accompanying parents (mostly dads) into the pool, she had the dads pass the baby to her in the water so she could give them a cuddle while the dad got in.

Daddy and Kaila before the lesson started

Kaila was the youngest baby in the class by a week but she did brilliantly! She spent the entire 30 minutes awake, alert, and relaxed.


The class started with a little song and walk around in the pool. Then the instructor taught the parents ways to hold the baby in the pool and then moved on to “swimming skills” like kicking, holding on to things, and having water on the face. Everything was done in a very gentle way for the little ones. For example, “kicking” was basically moving the baby through the water while saying ‘kick kick kick kick kick’.


It was absolutely adorable! Kaila and Peter did so well and the class was so good, I left feeling like the proudest mama in the world. Definitely looking forward to more ‘kick kick kicks’ next week!


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