Made My Monday

We’ve had a string of gorgeous days — sunshine, bright blue skies, and warm temps. Just perfect weather. I can’t tell you how much my heart sings on days like these!

I went for a lunchtime run along the river in the park near our office. What a great decision. I came back to the office rejuvenated and smiling from ear to ear. How can you be anything but happy on a beautiful day like this?


Made My Monday

I’m writing this as I eat dinner at the end of a four day weekend. We didn’t have any plans this weekend so it was really go with the flow. That’s Peter’s favorite kind of weekend and the kind that I’m slowly learning to appreciate.

Even though I usually like to be out and about doing and seeing things, I do have to admit that it’s nice every now and then to have the space and time to take care of the things in your life. Today was a real “me” day. I went to the gym, treated myself to a few new things at Sweaty Betty, painted my nails, and had a nice pub lunch in the sunshine with Peter. I even had time to clean out my inbox and organize my yoga studio/office room. Yes, there’s definitely a bit of control freak in me because getting organized made my Monday!

I don’t have any pictures of today’s explorations in tidiness but I do have some snaps of our newly landscaped front lawn. We ripped out a few dead bushes and an overgrown tree on Friday and replaced them with some new ones.

Here’s a before picture from when the house was on the market about a year ago.

Front - 1


And the after…

Made My Monday

Peter and I went to the Public Enquiry Office today for my in-person visa appointment. The process went very smoothly and within three hours my application was declared successful! I now have permanent resident status – crazy!

The appointment went so quickly, we were home by lunchtime and able to spend the whole afternoon enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Made My Monday

Rainy skies today convinced me to skip my run club at work. Instead of sitting on the couch, I decided to channel “old times” of living back in the States and DRIVE TO THE GYM!

I know that sounds like a silly thing to get excited about but it’s been years since I’ve been able to hop in the car on my schedule and go to the gym on a rainy night. That alone made my Monday.

As icing on the cake, I got to check out PureGym near my house. The gym was clean, well equipped, and doesn’t require a contract. Also, it has a really neat entrance. When you sign up to go, PureGym issues you a PIN code. To get into the building, you simply need to enter your PIN code on the key pad and the door will open for you. No bored gym attendants, awkward card swipes, or waiting in line to check in. I’m a fan!


Made My Monday

The clocks changed yesterday and I left work right on time today which means… it was still light out when I got home!! Love these longer days.

Last Monday we got a new shed for the back garden. I wanted to show you but it was too dark by the time I got home to take a picture. Not this week! Here’s our new backyard cutie.