Just Add Baby

I’ve spoken a lot about the activities we’ve been doing lately out of the house but I haven’t mentioned all of the the baby prep that’s been happening behind the scenes.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been preparing mentally for labor by taking birthing classes and reading books. I’m trying to get physically ready with prenatal pilates and some yoga on the side. We’ve also been doing tons of shopping, sorting, and adorable baby laundry in anticipation of our little girl’s arrival. My former yoga room has now been transformed into a (nearly) complete nursery.


As you can see, we kept the same color scheme of green, white, and grey but added some touches of pink and lots of nursery furniture. Apologies for the light in these pictures but we had class this morning and by the time I got home the sunshine was gone and the clouds were out. Oh well.

At this point, all we’re missing is baby! She has a few more weeks to go, though, so no rush 🙂


My New Playground

Thanks to a thoughtful neighbor and a very kind gentleman who is no longer planning on gardening this summer, I am the proud gardener of a plot at our local allotment. Some of you may remember my little veg patch last summer at our old place. Looking back, that gardening was training wheels for this year’s plot – boy is it big!

I got the key to the allotment this morning and the weather was gorgeous so I wasted no time getting my hands dirty. Here’s what it looked like at the beginning of the day:


The area in the front of the picture and the raised bed on the right have already been planted with potatoes and spinach, respectively. I’m now their guardian so the pressure is on to keep them in good shape! The rest of the area, the other two raised beds and the space in the back, are all mine to play with.

As you can see, the whole area needed a little bit of sprucing up. There’s no way I could do it all in one day, so I set a goal of pulling out the weeds from the back garden bed, clearing the raised beds, and planting a few seeds in the raised beds. Four sweaty but happy hours later, I succeeded in my goal and ended with this:


I planted chard, lettuce, spring onions, zucchini, and carrots. That line up might be a bit ambitious but I couldn’t help myself. Next week, I’ll tackle the back area and may go wild with big things like melons, pumpkins, and cucumbers. We’ll see!

Here I am at the end of the day, celebrating my labors with freshly made sun tea.


My Mom’s Visit!

My mom just left today to return to Virginia and boy, I miss her already! She’s one of my very best friends and I had such a great time hanging out with her all week. There’s nothing more restorative to the soul than good ol’ fashioned mom-time.

One of the main reasons she came over was to help get our house organized. As you saw on Monday, we wasted no time whipping my yoga studio into gorgeous shape! We also tackled the living room, storage closet, and kitchen while she was here so the whole house is feeling much more settled in now.

Despite lots to do in the house, we still found time to explore London and our surrounding areas. We visited two parks (Bushy Park and Leith Hill), ate at some lovely country pubs, and spent two of our days seeing the best of the big city.

Here we are at Bushy Park on the day my mom arrived. We were trying to help her stay awake after her red-eye flight and I think the cold that day definitely did the job!


While in London, I took my mom to the hidden gem Kastner & Ovens in Covent Garden where we feasted on amazing quiche, delicious salads, and a huge slice of banoffee pie for dessert. We then went to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, which has been running for 62 years! After the play, we met up with Peter for dinner at Cantina Laredo, a tasty mexican restaurant that makes fresh guacamole at your table.


For our second trip into London, mom and I did a tiny bit of sightseeing and then went shopping on Regent Street and Oxford Street. What fun!

Can’t wait for my mom to come visit again. I may need to come up with a redecorating project or two to lure her back over posthaste! 😉

Going Green

It’s been a quiet week for us. Peter was home sick a few days and I got stuck in the ol’ work-sleep-repeat routine. Luckily, Peter’s now feeling better and I’ve finally gotten a chance to play around with a few paint colors for my yoga studio room.

For weeks, I’ve been dreaming of painting the yoga studio emerald green. I love the idea of a bright, energetic color that will make our white loveseat pop. However, emerald green is not an easy shade to choose for a small space. In fact, I couldn’t find any good examples of similar rooms on the internet.

Not having an example and wanting to do this properly, I decided to be get samples of three difference shades to test on the wall.

Which one’s your favorite? I think I have a front runner but I’m not sure.

My mom’s coming over in a few weeks and I’m definitely roping her into helping with the final selection. This is one decision a girl can’t make alone!

Tourist in My New Town

This morning the sun was shining, Peter was off to watch rugby with a friend, and I had the place to myself. After the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks, I decided on a relaxing day — doing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted and not worrying about anything.

I started by lingering in bed, reading magazines, and snuggling with Lola, my kitty. After a pancake breakfast, I set off on foot to get some errands done and explore our local area.

Hersham Village is less than a 10 minute walk from our house and has a good selection of local shops and restaurants. Since our dryer is broken, my first stop was the launderette (laundry mat) in Hersham to get some washing done.


Clothes in the washing machine, I popped across the street for some stamps at the local post office and then ambled down to the village green.

Right near the village green is a World War I memorial park honoring the men from Hersham who died in the war.

Beyond the village center, I saw signs for the ‘Hersham Riverside’ and had to investigate. Within a few minutes, I’d arrived at this open area.

England has been plagued by tons of rain lately, leading to flooding across the country. I imagine this area was also affected so it’s hard to see what it looks like normally. From what I could tell, it seems like there are a few paths that run next to the river and benches along the way.

The ground was too muddy to explore further so I went back to the village center and got my nails done at the local salon. Then it was time to pick up my clothes and head home. Along the way, I grabbed lunch at an adorable restaurant ‘Hello Sushi’ on the corner. Definitely going back there, it was delicious!

My errands turned into a great way to spend the day. I love our new house and how convenient it is to everything!