Are You Ready for Some Football?!?


There’s nothing quite like an American sporting event, especially football. The cheerleaders, musical performances, sideline acrobatics, enormous flags running across the field at various intervals, pyrotechnics when the home team scores, and team and celebrity videos encouraging the crowd to get excited all come together to make it more than just a game, it’s an experience. And this experience is one that I love taking part in every year when the NFL comes to London!


This year, Peter and I were invited to watch the Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons by our American friends, Jenn and Nick, who bought tickets to every game this season. The Lions vs Falcons game was last Sunday during the afternoon and turned out to be exactly the experience and spectacle we were expecting.

The Falcons were the “home team” but we were all rooting for the Lions. Each of us had our own reason to be Lions fans that day. One guy was from Detroit, Jenn and Nick are both Northerners, and even though I’m from the South, I just had to root for the Lions after seeing the unbelievably bad tweet the Falcons did in advance of the game. Turns out we picked the right team because the Lions ended up winning in an incredible comeback that was only secured in the final few seconds of the game!

In sporting terms, it was one of the most suspenseful and fantastic games I’ve ever seen live. There were some great plays and my team ended up winning by one point. Also, during the game one of the players literally jumped over another and then continued on going – incredible!

So glad watching an American football game was on my BBAL because this one was hard to beat! Big thanks to Jenn and Nick for inviting us along!


London Irish for the Win!

After having my Holly-day in London, I decided to join my husband in one of the things he likes to do — going to a rugby game. On Saturday, we met up with a few friends of his to see London Irish play the Harlequins. For the occasion, I splurged on a new London Irish hoodie so I could look the part of devoted fan.

The game turned out to be a great one! London Irish beat the Harlequins 18 to 13 in a very close match. We bit our nails and cheered our way to victory.

After the game, we celebrated with one of my most favorite things in the world: burritos. These were from Mission Burrito in Reading and they were outstanding.

Perfect end to a great day.