Little Luxuries

During the first few weeks with a newborn, time changes. It no longer seems to follow the same, regular pattern we’re all used to. Instead of seconds methodically leading to minutes that nicely stack up into hours which fold into days, the whole pattern feels disrupted. Sometimes a few minutes feels like hours and other times you’ll blink and whole days will have passed without you realizing.

With Kaila, our days are mostly divided into three hour segments as we go from one mealtime to the next. Every three hours (or so), we nurse again and a new opportunity arises for her to sleep and for us to scurry around getting things done or relaxing.

Since we’re on baby time now, any personal time feels borrowed. I’ve discovered new pleasure in the tiniest of joys during my borrowed time. Popping out to put letters in the mailbox down the street, having a bath in the evening, or simply having a few quiet moments to make breakfast for myself feel like the most incredibly indulgent and luxurious activities now!

Yesterday was one of those luxurious mornings. The sun was shining, my little girl was upstairs napping, and I had the whole kitchen to myself to cut oranges and look at flowers that we had been given. It was pure heaven.

But life these days isn’t just about the small things. We’ve also been doing some “big” things this past week or so too. Lots of firsts for Kaila. She had her first outing to the pub, her first bath, her first baby playdate, and she also met her cousin for the first time! Here are a few pictures from our week of firsts.

Now, I’m off to squeeze in a few more “little luxuries” for myself before Kaila’s next mealtime.


Little Black Dress Initiative: Day 5

Friday was the 5th and final day of the Little Black Dress Initiative. Kaila must have known because she spit up on the dress shortly after I put it on. Oh well, good thing it’s machine washable!

Yesterday had bright sunshine too beautiful to ignore. We knew we had to get outside to enjoy the weather so I paired the black dress with my black maternity cardigan from JoJo Maman Bebe and off we went. Our excursion was to the Woodland Gardens area of Bushy Park, an adorable park area complete with streams, ponds, rabbits, and ducks.

The whole trip was quite idyllic. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there were mothers with little ones everywhere (although we think Kaila was the littlest one of all). Peter took every opportunity he could to “off road” with Kaila in the stroller. We went down gullies and over mounds of dirt, all the while Peter bemoaned the fact that Kaila was sleeping and too young for him to introduce her to everything around us.

When we got back, I discovered an anonymous donation had been made to my fundraising page for the Little Black Dress Initiative. This final donation brought the grand total raised to £165 — not too shabby!

Thanks to all who contributed! I love that I have such wonderfully supportive friends and family who are on board for even the craziest of my ideas.

Little Black Dress Initiative: Days 3 & 4

Still going strong over here with wearing my black dress! Yesterday, I accessorized with a multicolored scarf, cardigan, and brown booties. Today the weather is cold and rainy so it just felt right to pair the dress with a slouchy, cozy sweater.

Happy to report that Kaila and I have actually managed to avoid getting spit up on the dress! Hopefully that proclamation won’t immediately jinx me…

Day 3: Our little family of three ventured out of the house and off to our local registry office to get Kaila’s birth certificate. This is the same registry office that Peter and I went to when we registered our marriage so it was really sweet to kind of come full circle. Kaila cooperated very nicely with the whole process and stayed fast asleep during the entire appointment. Here she and I are in front of the registry office.

Day 4: As I said earlier, it’s cold and rainy today so we’re keeping our ambitions for the day quite modest. My mom and I popped out to the grocery store earlier (my first time driving since Kaila was born!) and then came home to warm daal for lunch. Now we’re planning an afternoon on the couch watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on TV and gazing at the baby as she sleeps.

Only today and tomorrow left to support the Little Black Dress Initiative cause to help those living in poverty in London. Please do consider donating:

Little Black Dress Initiative: Day 2

Despite best intentions of productivity, today has turned into a properly lazy day. I guess our laziness is partly because the night wasn’t exactly restful. Kaila decided we should all stay awake to see what 2am to 5am looked like. Then she turned her curiosity to 6am and 7am as well. Isn’t she’s so inquisitive?

Anyway, by the time she woke up for good at 8:30am, we were all a bit tired and thrown off our routines. I gave her a feed and then, luxury of luxuries, I took a shower and washed my hair! I then had just enough time to throw on this little black dress and resume mommy duties. Here I am pinned down to the chair by sleeping baby cuteness.

The Little Black Dress Initiative fundraiser is now well and truly in full swing. Yesterday, the Junior League of London had raised an impressive £10,000 already!

Many of our members have been posting eye-opening facts about poverty in London. For example, did you know that 28% of Londoners live in poverty? That’s one of the reasons that the Junior League of London has chosen addressing poverty as a key mission for the group. We work with organizations across London to provide aid and support for those who are struggling to make financial ends meet. Please consider helping in our cause by donating to the Junior League on my fundraising page:

Little Black Dress Initiative: Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the Little Black Dress Initiative and Day 6 of being a mama.  For the next 5 days, I’ll be wearing the same black dress with different accessories to raise poverty awareness and funds for the Junior League of London to help those living in poverty.

After being in complete baby mode for the last week, it actually felt really nice to have a reason to get dressed this morning. Here is outfit number one and my attempt at “mommy chic”.

IMG_2783The Elements:

  • A little black maternity dress, lent to me by my sister-in-law
  • nursing infinity scarf bought on Etsy
  • A pair of grey Sweaty Betty leggings from a few years ago similar to these here

So far the dress is working out well. We’ve done one feeding session and the dress is still clean! We’ll see how long that lasts with this little one, though 🙂

Look out for another outfit tomorrow and please consider giving to the Little Black Dress Initiative cause on my fundraising page.